Eat Yourself Fit

My confession…

I love food.  There, I said it.  My name is Julia and I LOVE FOOD.  However, that is not the problem.  It just so happens that I love sugar and sweets.  I am the kind of person who can literally eat an entire sleeve of Oreo’s and still want more.  I will eat the batter of any baked good before I am even able to get it into the oven.  I love to eat frosting out of the jar.  If there was a heaven, it would consist of Twix, Butterfingers, brownies, Oreo’s, cheesecake, and warm, gooey, chocolate chip cookies.  The fact is, I have been cursed with a sweet tooth the size of Texas and I absolutely hate that.  With that being said, I am very grateful to be able to admit to my sugar problem.  By being aware of this problem, I am able to control it.

I don’t buy sugary foods.  They do not make their way into my kitchen.  By eliminating these foods from my grocery list (or mental grocery list), I avoid putting myself into a tempting situation. If those foods are not there, then I can’t eat them! (That does not mean I don’t want to eat them though…) I also know, that come the end of the month, my cravings for sweets are going to sky rocket. Therefore, I prepare myself and plan out meals that include healthy, sweet alternatives.  Such as adding a tsp of cocoa powder to my protein shake or baking banana cinnamon protein bread. To overcome temptation, you first have to understand what tempts you.

I have dedicated hours and hours to creating healthy, YUMMY recipes and alternatives to foods that I love.  Eating healthy does not mean eating plain, boring food.  It is simply, understanding what your body needs for fuel throughout the day and what causes your body harm. When I say harm, I don’t necessarily mean disease or illness.  Harm can even be considered storing excess fat.

I will post healthy recipes in this section as alternatives for unhealthy foods that people tend to consume.  🙂


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