Homemade Protein Bars

I have been and still am on the quest to make a great tasting, healthy protein bar.

It’s hard to find a protein bar that contains the proper nutrients AND that doesn’t taste like cardboard.  (Not that I actually know what cardboard tastes like…)

I came up with this bars this afternoon and they are currently baking away as I type this post.  Unfortunately, I will not be able to taste them, as I am 7 weeks out from a show. BUT, I am giving them to my boyfriend and roommates to try. I will post their opinions (if they are decent opinions) 🙂


1 C Oats

4 Scoops Chocolate Protein Powder (I use Complete Nutrition’s V-Core)

1 C Peanut Butter (You can substitute PB2, I just didn’t have any on hand. I used Smart Balance)

1/3 C Olive Oil

2 Bananas

2 Sweet Potatoes

1/2 C Raisins

1 tsp Baking Soda

1/3 C Water


1.  Pre-heat oven to 350.

2.  Cook sweet potatoes.  (I wrap my potatoes in a paper towel and put them in the microwave for 10 minutes)

3.  Combine the oats, protein powder, baking soda, olive oil, peanut butter and water in a large mixing bowl.  You can hand mix this portion.


4.  Add the bananas and use a mixer to mix everything together.

5.  Add the cooked sweet potatoes and mix together.

6.  Add the raisins and stir (do not use mixer)

7.  Pour mixture into a lightly greased pan and pop in the oven for 15-20 minutes or until done.




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