Fitness and Nutrition Bibles

I use a handful of websites as resources for training and nutrition.  I research EVERYTHING (usually for weeks) prior to beginning anything new.



    • Live Strong is my number one “go to” website, as far as nutritional information is concerned.  I always find an article on whatever I am searching for.  I do not solely rely on this website for information, but it is certainly a great start!

2.  I also use all of the websites listed in the fitness section, as they all contain a nutrition section.

3.  Salt, Sugar, Fat by Michael Moss

  • This is an EXCELLENT book that a friend of mine suggested I read.  Salt, Sugar, Fat  discusses what the food industry is doing that is “making us fat”.
  • The NY Times did a book summary on this book.  This is the link for that.  🙂 Salt, Sugar, Fat Book-How Sweet It Is 



    • I love this website because of it’s great tutorials.  If you click on the “workouts” tab, you can choose between exercises, muscle groups, cardio, etc.  Each exercise is explained in great detail.  Not only does it provide you with a video tutorial, it also tells you the primary and secondary muscles used for each exercise, explains how to properly execute the exercise and what you should avoid doing.  If you are unsure of which exercise you want/need to do, but you know the muscle group you are targeting, you are able to look up exercises based on each muscle group. Overall, this is an incredibly useful website.


    • This website is excellent for reading blogs and advice from the pro’s.  It provides training, recipes, forums, videos, etc.  I use this website for motivation more than I use it for information.  I think is easier to navigate, but that’s just my opinion! 


    • This website provides a great amount of workout tutorials AND print-able workouts.  I can’t say that I have every actually printed out a workout, simply because I like to customize my workouts.  However, it is a great source for ideas.  Fitness RX Women, typically categorizes the workouts based on body part. (ex: glutes, legs, shoulders, etc.) This is a nice feature, however, you have to really search to find the workouts you are looking for.  There is also a link that takes you to Muscular Development and provides information on NPC and IFBB news and contests.  I don’t use this link frequently, (or ever), but hopefully soon I will! 

4.  My FAVORITE resource for training questions is actually a book.  (an older book).  My boyfriend “lent” me this book, [he hasn’t asked me to give it back yet, therefore, I plan on keeping it forever. 🙂 ].  The Encyclopedia of Modern Bodybuilding by none other than ,the Schwarzenegger, himself. This is a book that I suggest EVERYONE purchase, (you can buy it on Amazon for $14.99).  It is incredibly helpful.  Plus, every time I read from it, I image Arnold reading it to me.  That right there, is motivation enough. 🙂


5. iMuscle

A friend of mine introduced me to this AMAZING app.  I think everyone who truly wants to improve their workouts needs to get this app. I downloaded it onto my iPad because it is MUCH easier to see on that than my iPhone.  I use iMuscle every time I write out my workouts.  iMuscle enables me to select the specific muscles that I want to target that day and then shows me exercises to train those selected muscles.  ALSO, it shows you how to stretch each individual muscle. (Something I really need, because I never know how to properly stretch, which leaves me sore for days!) 

I will link the post I did on this app. iMuscle


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